To new beginnings...

I’ll be honest, it’s been crazy last few months.

A lot of things happened. As November was nearing to end, the B2B SaaS company I was working at, started to shake up. I spent about a month thinking what I really wanted to do next and if at all taking another job is the right thing to do.

I’ve always had a love for building products, in-fact so much that I impulsively decided to shut my last company’s services department. We put all money and focus into building a B2C Product. Eight months down the line with no money left in the bank and debts on our head taught us two key learnings –  building products is not easy, selling it is even harder.

Letting bygones be bygones, it’s 2020 now and we all made a bunch of resolutions. The thing I wanted to be very focused on is building great tech. I had already done a ditigal agency before and had a bunch of connections from the past.  So I reached out to all of them, with a simple text –

Hey, long time. I’m planning on restarting Webloom as a digital tech agency and need access to your network. Hoping to close some leads from it.

When you’re desperate, it’s probably best to be honest about it. Nevertheless, one thing led to another, and after a bunch of calls with a number of people I’ve lost count of now, we closed our first client.

About the same time, I got in touch with an old friend I did my last company with. Probably one of the best guys I know in tech. Told him what I was upto and he decided to come onboard full-time. Sweet.. now we had four hands to steer the boat. This continued for a while before I realised – I have played the short game all my life. This is an opportunity to kick it up a notch. Me & Utkarsh got on a call and came to an agreement over two things –

  1. We will not take any client out of desperation or simply for money,
  2. We will build in-house products (spend 3 months building it, 3 months marketing it) and see where that goes.

Point one, helped us focus on taking clients that will make a good case-study for us. The ones where there’s a large enough business problem to solve and requires great tech to support it. Point two, would ensure we are here for the long game (yet to find out how this one plays out). By the sheer force of will and some brilliant tech work from my partner, a lot of things started to shape out for us. By the end of this Quarter here’s where we at –

  • We have closed 4 clients that are on retainer model,
  • Our core team grew to 6 full-time people and a floating engagement with 10 freelancers,
  • All our employees work remote and in formats that makes them most productive,
  • We are currently doing ~$10K MRR. Phew!

What’s next?

Last few months have been very chaotic. I’m trying to focus more and more to bring some stability, spend some time building good health and read as many books as possible with my free time. With all these in mind, me and a great great friend of mine, Pratik, are moving to Manipal (our alum city) to do some good work together.

P.S : We are actively hiring across the board, if you are someone who loves building great products, checkout our Job Board.