Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹, I'm Shashank

As a profession, I create tech products. I run a tech company - Webloom where I help early stage founders define product scope, design and build scalable products. I sometimes also sneak in to build useful tech tools with my fellow peers at Webloom Labs.

When I am not jumping around from one zoom call to another, I find some time to read and write. I can read almost about anything. I mostly write about life, experiences on the lighter note and some engineering, how-tos, wiki on tech side.

Occasionally, I also write about my journey as a single founder.

Life update: Currently I am building an ecosystem for personal finance at - Finow. If you're someone who works in fintech, I'd love to chat. ย If you're interested in helping me make ย personal finance a little less boring, hit me up - shashank@webloominc.com

I like sharing what I know and I'm documenting my life for historical accuracy (well, this is my way of assessing personal growth).

If you wish to find me social channels, you can find me here - Li, Ig, Tw