You’d probably be wondering what this space is all about?

Here goes..

Consider this space to be an open portal to my thoughts, rants and some presumed good work I might have done recently.

I am a full-stack developer who over not-quite-so-long drifted towards entrepreneurship. I have been a part of 2 early stage B2B SaaS teams. I have built engineering products & tools that is used by over 100K+ users. I have worked with over 50 organisations in consulting or helping them build tech products.

In January 2020, I rebooted my old company – Webloom. So far we are a team of roughly 10 people who work towards building great tech products for our partners. You can read more about my recent journey here – To New Beginnings 

At present, I’m working on building a NoCode platform to build mobile apps for e-commerce businesses (If you run your business on Shopify, I’d love to chat).

When I’m not working on client meetings, team calls and midnight coding sessions, I love talking to people who share a mutual interest in products, design and engineering tools of use.

If you got here looking to engage with me and thinking of ways in which we can work together, reach out to me by setting up an intro call (use the Coffee on Zoom! option from the top menu).

For everything else, hope you enjoy reading some of my posts.


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